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La Mala Serum Bee Venom Advanced Night Repair

1 bottle 20ml


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La Mala Serum Bee Venom innovation. Bee Venom Serum repairs to restore your skin rejuvenated again.

La Mala Serum Bee Venom Serum concentrations. Reduce wrinkles Rich substance from the sting of a bee. Working with extra collagen helps the skin stay flexible . And increase skin Extract honey from Manuka flowers . Pure gold is processed by technology Nano Gold Particle with small particles . Thereby increasing access to effective skin deeply. Adjust skin color regular skin firming added smoothness. Make skin look younger naturally.

La Mala Serum Bee Venom Benefit.

- Strengthens collagen And elastin, the skin firming and anti -aging .

- Helps repair facial skin rejuvenation and skin whitening.

- Reduce inflammation of the skin Relieve the inflammation of acne Fade dark spots and freckles .

How to use.

- Clean the skin before maintenance.
- Apply the serum to your face. And neck before bed

La Mala Serum Bee Venom validated by the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA) to ensure safety

FDA 10-1-5708967

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